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New, limited merchandise in celebration of Soundtrack for the Apocalypse's 10th anniversary!


Currently, while all items are available they are only being offered in limited configurations. More options, specifically those that feature autographed inserts but no SFTA CD (offered for those that may already own the CD), will be available later or in the future official launch. The bundles being offered now aren't being advertised but are intended to allow existing followers the first chance at limited items at a reduced rate. For the official launch, prices will increase slightly, 4bandon MAY be complete, and the bundles will be advertised to reach people outside of those that already follow on social media.


This is an upcoming six track album that may please fans of the music from Killing Floor. Among others, it will feature the full length version of the track from Engage: Teaser (Youtube) and the original version of the track Redacted Sequence (Youtube) is based on. Currently anyone ordering any bundle will receive a download code for 4bandon on the day of its release. Be sure to use a valid email address!


ALL come with the following:
1x Soundtrack for the Apocalypse (2010) Compact Disc
1x SFTA 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Insert (Autographed)
1x Soundtrack for the Apocalypse Download Code
1x Free Gift: Pre-order 4BANDON (future Download Code)

Classic Bundle also includes:
1x zYnthetic Classic shirt

4bandon Bundle also includes:
1x zYnthetic 4bandon shirt

Duo Bundle also includes:
1x zYnthetic Classic shirt
1x zYnthetic 4bandon shirt

Duo + KF2 OST Bundle also includes:
1x Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack (2015) Compact Disc (Autographed)
1x zYnthetic Classic shirt
1x zYnthetic 4bandon shirt

* Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Inserts are an additional insert for the original Soundtrack for the Apocalypse CD.
They feature alternative artwork and are autographed by the artist.
* All shirts are personally hand printed by d.nassick - not computer printed by an online, third party service.
* Shirts are available in US adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.
* Classic: The iconic GP-5 gasmask design from Soundtrack for the Apocalypse, printed on the front of the shirt.
* 4bandon: Paying homage to the inspiration for the title of the iconic track, Abandon All, this shirt features art inspired by Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy.
The front displays a map depicting the nine circles of hell and the back, the horrors imagined by an unknown 15th century engraver.
* Download codes are sent via email and redeemed at