Keep On Truckin

Killing Floor CollectedCBP3 has been getting much good feedback from the community so far. My break will be short-lived though. After playing a few matches with some of the CBP3 team this weekend I'll be getting right back to work. I'm not sure how much this would interest anyone but none of the CBP3 songs were written start to finish, each music segment was written seperately. Not to say consistency between each segment wasn't important or achieved, just that full versions haven't been rendered. I got a head start on this and rendered Autumn Sigh. There is a short ingame clip of the map it is used in, Endura by GreenLoves, that demonstrates the dynamic music system well. The full version of the song can be heard here.

I've also finished the new cover for Killing Floor - Collected and the playlist is now final. This release is a first for me as professionally manufactured CDs will be available for sale. The CD will be released along side mp3s which will be openly available on a pay what you want basis. Killing Floor - Collected will be released in July, 2008.