zYnthetic 2016Best known for the soundtracks of the Killing Floor series games, zYnthetic is an independent artist with seven years experience in the video game industry and nearly sixteen years of experience with game audio. With roots dipped in metal, industrial, and darkstep, zynthetic is uniquely qualified to create aggressive, unsettling, or powerful music that is both genuine and unlike anything heard commonly in games today.


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Steam: zYnthetic
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Do you guys play live?
zYnthetic is one person and no, I don't at this time.

Can I use your music in something?
Maybe. Commissions and licensing is my business. My catalogue consists very much of music I've sold or licensed to others so you'll understand that I'll need to know specifically what you want and what you want to do with it before I can give you an answer.

Can you make music for me?
I am freelance and if I happen to be available we can work from there. Make me an offer that tells me what I'll be working on, how much work I'll be doing, and why I should be excited about it. Please also be serious. This is how I feed myself and pay the rent.

Will I get copyright strikes/takedowns for using your music in a video?
My stance on using music from a soundtrack I've written in a video is that as long as the video is in context to the thing the soundtrack was made for, you're fine. Using music I wrote in a review, playthrough, fan trailer of the game it was written for is completely fine. Keep in mind that not every deal I make with every game is the same and the developers may have a different stance on what is acceptable use of their content. Considering all the weird things video game videos have gotten strikes/takedowns for, you should always check with the developer first.
A final note; music with just a static image from the game and "no copyright intended" in the description is incredibly low effort. Please put some work into it.

Can I get tabs?
I have no tabs to give.

What guitar stuff do you use?
A lot of my older work was done with a heavily modified Strat clone (dubbed "mongrel"). Noiser and some parts of Vile were done with an older Ibanez CX140. I started using an ESP M-100FM on Harm Intended and it has been my go-to guitar since. For Play, Noiser, and most of Vile, I used and Marshall VS100 head into a Marshall 1960b cabinet. Before that, a Boss BR8 was used for amp and speaker simulation. I began using more modern emulation in Harm Intended forward to this day.
On IHTES, Play, Noiser, and SFTA I used a Johnson Catalyst 5-String bass direct with only eq and compression. Beginning at Harm Intended and moving forward, I used a Rogue LX205B 5-String bass with modern amp and cabinet emulation.

What software do you use?
Lots but I don't like answering this. I've endorsed a lot of products I use on social media and have gotten a lot of good interactions with everyone except software companies, which have always responded with silence. I don't get sponsorships but when I don't even get a "thanks for using our product" when I endorse it, the free publicity I have for it runs out. I understand some people might think knowing the specifics of my software choices could be useful to the aspiring producer, I don't believe that is the case today. Compared to hardware, the software market is a lot more homogeneous. Today everyone makes something that's a clone or alternative to something else, making the details of what is used far less important than it was a few years ago.
That said, I use a modern DAW with lots of really standard effects/instruments.

What other gear do you use?
For sound/voice work I have used, and long since retired a Boss BR-8. The heart of that operation is now a Tascam DR680 supplemented by a Zoom H2 for more spontaneous recordings. All voice work is done using a Shure SM-7b though a Cloud Cl-1 while I use an array of other mics (Shure SM-57, PG-48, Rode NTG-1) for field/foley recording.
My workstation is Windows based with a Focusrite Scarlette 18i8 interface. I also have an M-Audio Oxygen61 midi controller taking up half the working area on my desk.