NoiseR is a passive work in progress with music available to listen as each are added. Tracklist titles are streaming links. This is an ongoing, long term project.

Who: Myself (zYnthetic) with no outside collaboration.
What: NoiseR is a compilation of pulled material from published projects, unused demos sent to clients, and experiments or training results following the use of trying different production techniques. There is no central theme or monolithic sense of genre.
When: When it's done. Being a compilation, contributions to NoiseR develop over the course of time. A downloadable release will be made available when I feel there is sufficient material to warrant such.
Where: Each new addition will be available for streaming here .
Why: Why not? The nature of the music featured on NoiseR does not lend well to a release edited to or designed around a theme or concept. It's simply a compilation of loose ends that would otherwise never be released.
How: Streaming (or shitty MP3s if you rip the streams). A downloadable release will be available when the time comes.