YouTube Channel, Killing Floor MP3s

A YouTube channel (zyntheticOfficial) has been created for various odds and ends of video. I've been getting a lot of tab request for several Killing Floor songs. Making a video takes far less time and may prove to be more helpful. Abandon All is the first How-To of these and I may do more as time goes by.

I also wanted to address MP3s of Killing Floor music (no, they aren't here). The fact that people are making MP3s out of the game music and sharing them is a completely different issue, the topic is really how it's done and the lack of understanding of what options there are for listeners.

I don't like people being taken advantage of, neither do I welcome the possibility of being misrepresented in that process. To make things clear, I nor anyone at Tripwire have released any of the music that comes with the game in any other format than Ogg Vorbis. Therefore it's impossible for any of these "high quality" rips to be better or even as good as the music that ships with the game. Yes, the music comes with the game and you'll find it if you look in the Music folder. The only problem may be playing it since some hardware and software manufacturers have been slow or reluctant to offer support despite their popularity.

Ogg Vorbis has been a widely accepted royalty-free alternative to mp3 for years and by using a media player that doesn't support it you're being artificially limited to what media you can actually enjoy. Transcoding one lossy format (ogg) to another (mp3) undeniably produces a lower quality version. It doesn't matter how high the bitrate is, it still suffers the same degradation of being a second generation copy, much like copying a cassette to another cassette.
The solution would be to use a media player that isn't crippled and take advantage of the content you already have.