Killing Floor PC DVD In Stores Now

Killing Floor has made it's way in EU and US stores via physical DVD. A great opportunity to pick up a great game for anyone that couldn't or wouldn't use the Steam store or just felt that buying games isn't the same without the unmatched love only an inanimate object can give you (ie: digital only copies). If you'd rather stay out of meatspace you can order a copy from GoGamer (EU version), Amazon (US version) or any other reputable retailer.

Even though the game is "out" there's still a lot of goings on. Community map contests and official content additions have been coming out quickly along side gameplay and stability improvements. Right now I'm working on several cool projects (mystery and intrigue) that should be a nice surprise for fans and as long as we have players supporting the game the chances of getting new and frequent official content are very good.