Hush, Hush

The case of no news is again good news.

I just completed a commercial contract and within the week will be entering another with a new client. Neither have been officially announced yet so there's good reason to remain silent about them both. When the news breaks check out both projects. I have had/will have a lot of fun working on them and I'm really excited to see what happens next. Short of not giving out details other than I'm having a fine time finding work doing something I love, I also wanted to touch base on the briefly mentioned Community Bonus Pack 3 soundtrack, dubbed Play.

Play is being delayed until May 2009. This move takes several key points into consideration. I'd like to put a decent amount of effort into this release and at this present time I don't feel there is currently enough material to warrant a full length album worthy of serving as a soundtrack. This will allow time for new material that hasn't yet been released with any of the current volumes to be justly included. This will also keep the soundtrack down to one definitive release rather than several smaller mini-releases. The release is going to be handled similar to Killing Floor: Collected , except the art will be prettier :)

Stay tuned.