CBP3 Relased, and More Tutorials

The Community Bonus Pack 3 Volume 1 has just been released. It includes work from what I believe are some of the most talented level designers in the community. The pack features three of my songs, which will eventually find their way in mp3/ogg form to this site. I'm continuing my work with the team for future volumes which are now starting development. If you own Unreal Tournament 3, CBP3 is not to be missed.

I've also written several tutorials today while waiting for the release to become available. Adding Music to Maps (UT3), explains the process of adding retail, custom, or a crazy hybrid of two or more different songs to maps without modifying the original content. It doesn't go into great detail so some additional reading of other tutorials as noted may be needed. Importing Music (Unreal Engine 1) , was also written. It broadly covers the nature of MOD music and how to import MODs into the engine as well as new, more modern, emerging technologies for Unreal Tournament.