UT3 Import Tutorials Now Complete

UT3 Import TutsThe topic of importing audio into Unreal Engine 3 titles is a poorly documented one. Based on the absence of official documentation in the public Unreal Developer Network site, (and even the top secret developer only area several months ago) the lack of any complete and accurate community generated information on the subject doubled with the complexity of the latest version of the Unreal Editor, it is easy to see how quickly musicians can be discouraged from participating in the Unreal Tournament 3 mod community.

After months of research dating from early experimentation (and release) in January leading up to fully functional content ready to be released along side one of the most recognized names in community maps (Community Bonus Pack) I've compiled a series of tutorials that explain the whats and whys of importing music into Unreal Tournament 3. It's fairly lengthly and offers a lot of explanation aimed at people who may not be familiar with UnrealEd or the terminology. The end of each tutorial has a quick reference guide if you wish to skip over all the detailed explanations and get down to the basic meat and potatoes of the subject. Aside from a small amount of information regarding additional events that trigger music stingers, I am confident this guide is complete and accurate.

I can only hope that these guides will be used for the good of getting more able musicians to involve themselves with the modding community instead of 13 year-olds that want to learn how to import AwsomeSongFromMyCollection.mp3.

The guides can be found in the Unreal Engine 3 section of Tutorials, here. Enjoy, get educated, don't import music from your collection.