Triple Threat

Killing Floor: CollectedSite launch, the announcement of a pending soundtrack release (check releases), and the Community Bonus Pack III swiftly approaching it's own release, things seem to really be picking up.

Content, tutorials specifically, are in the process of being written. Everything useful I've learned about being a musician in the modding community will eventually find it's way in there. At the moment I'm giving some of the more recent tutorials I've written and recorded priority and moving into some of the explainations and complexities of designing for and implementing music in Unreal Tournament 3. So expect to see these soon.

Killing Floor development is rolling again, which is something anyone from the community has known for the past month. There will be a couple new songs from myself in the new release (Killing Floor 2.5). In light of that I've taken to creating one huge compilation of everything I've written for Killing Floor since the first public Beta. The soundtrack is loosely arranged based off old media (cassettes, vinyl) and separated into a side A and side B, so to speak. A is a stretch of ambience while B is where the action is at. The previously released material is all remastered and sounds much better, more dynamic. More details can be read on the release page but no download is available yet.

The Community Bonus Pack III is getting close to release. I'm excited. This project has given me a good chance to really work the new tech, more than I would have just playing around or doing the random contribution. Due to a lack of required tools (atrac3plus codec) all of the custom audio will have to be stripped out of the pack before it can be converted to PS3 format. Based off a poll on the CBP3 site PS3 users only make up %3 of the target audience so I wouldn't consider it a huge loss but I still think it would be cool to get custom audio on PS3.