Dinosaurs for Xmas

it has to end somedayI want to thank everyone that's supported me through the years and welcome new listeners with a gift this holiday. I wanted to make something special and based on the reception a meager test demo received lately (NoiseR NR6) I wanted that thing to be metal. Considering it's been so long since writing any I really wanted it. However, given the time I had remaining after coming up with this brilliant plan I decided against starting something that would certainly not be finished and instead doing something that I knew could be. The dust on this dinosaur has been blasted off and it shines, oh it shines.

It Has To End Someday was my first foray into multitracking sick metals. It was also produced in whole during the month of February in 2007. Between those two the album has a lot going against it but it still holds a special place in my heart for the experience it was making it. Album downloads include a few bonuses such as a couple demo songs, the original cover art from 2007, a pdf postmortem about the album, and is pay what you want. I'm not thinking this album has been on the radar of most of my listeners so I'm hoping it's not a lame regift. It has been remastered though taking it from sick to brutal sick. It actually is about dinosaurs. and space pirates too. How cool is that?