Importing Music: Unreal Tournament 3 - Part 5

1: Getting Started
2: Sound Controls and Cues
3: The Music Arrangement
4: Cooking a Final Package
5: Quick Reference Guide

This is a short reference outlining the steps for importing music into Unreal Tournament 3 and creating a distributable package. More detailed information about each of the steps can be found in their respected sections.

Getting Started

  • Import wav data and provide a Package Name.
  • Use Groups to organize files in the package.
  • Check bAutoCreateCue.
  • Uncheck bIncludeAttenuationNode.
  • Set the compression properties for each imported wav (USound).
  • Check bForceRealtimeDecompression for each USound.

Sound Control and Cues

  • Use Batch Process on the package to set the audio type to Music.
  • Use the Sound Node Editor to define loops for looping music segments.
  • Adjust the Volume Multiplier of each USound Cue to a reasonable level.

The Music Arrangement

  • Create a new UTMapMusic to use as an Arrangement.
  • Define the tempo and assign each music segment's Cue to the appropriate MapMusic section.
  • Adjust CrossfadeToMeNumMeasures and TempoOverride for each section if needed.
  • Assign each music stinger Cue to the appropriate MusicStinger section.
  • Assign stingers located in A_Gameplay to special CTF stingers.

Cooking a Final Package

  • Save the current music package.
  • Load a map.
  • Assign the music's Arrangement to the map's MapMusicInfo in the World Properties.
  • Save the map under a different filename and cook.

This concludes the tutorial on importing music into Unreal Tournament 3. If you'd like to tell me how wrong I am or that by some mistake you actually found this tutorial useful, let me know here.

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