Music Cues Explained: Unreal Tournament 3 - Part 5

1. Deathmatch / TDM
2. Capture the Flag / vCTF
3. Warfare
4. Cues Quick Reference
5. Stingers

This section is not yet complete but bears enough information to be useful.


Stingers are short sounds or fanfare that play for a player or a team to reward them or inform them of important events that have ocurred. They are usually made up of sounds used in the music to keep consistency. The events range from dying to gaining a lead on the other team. The music itself is not interrupted by stingers and will follow it's regular set of rules based on the dynamic system. If a stinger is triggered it will play over the music like a normal sound effect except unlike normal sound effects, stingers are not processed with world effects such as reverb or occlusion. Bear in mind that while including stingers can add to the enjoyment of the music ingame it is a double-edged sword. Depending on the gametype and gameplay in the map it is possible for a player to trigger a single event many times over in a single match. While some people believe a full set of stingers greatly add to the experience others feel stingers are so invasive it will lead them to turn the music off completely. It is important to note that there are some standard stingers for team based events located in the package A_Gameplay.

The following is a list of events that cause stingers to play. Each event is capable of holding a unique stinger and certain events can be triggered by doing several actions.

  • Died: This will play for a player when they die.
  • Double Kill: Plays when a player makes two kills in a row, the Double Kill achievement.
  • Enemy Grab Flag: Not implemented
  • First Killing Spree: Plays for a player whenever they receive the achievement Killing Spree.
  • Flag Returned:
  • Grab Flag:
  • Kill: Plays for a player making a kill that isn't the result of a special achievement.
  • Long Killing Spree: Plays for a player when reaching the achievement Dominating or Godlike.
  • Major Kill: Plays for a player that kills an enemy flag carrier or destroys a node in Warfare. Will also play during the following achievements; First Blood, Headshot, Bullseye, Juggernaut, Biohazard, Blue Streak, Combo King, Flak Master, Gunslinger, Headhunter, Jackhammer, Rocket Scientist, Shaft Master.
  • Monster Kill: Plays for a player that earns the achievement Monster Kill.
  • Multi Kill: Plays for a player that earns the achievement Multi Kill.
  • Returned Flag: Plays for a player that destroys an enemy orb.
  • Score Losing: Plays for the team when the enemy team makes a capture.
  • Score Tie: In CTF, plays for both teams when a capture results in scores being equal.
  • Score Winning: Plays for a team when they capture a flag.

This concludes the Music Cues Explained tutorial. If you'd like to tell me how wrong I am or that by some mistake you actually found this tutorial useful, let me know here.

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