Music Cues Explained: Unreal Tournament 3 - Part 3

1. Deathmatch / TDM
2. Capture the Flag / vCTF
3. Warfare
4. Cues Quick Reference
5. Stingers


Unreal Tournament 3's flagship gametype, Warefare makes liberal use of every available music cue. As with CTF these serve as audio indicators to important events that are happening. Once again the events that cause Intro, Ambient, and Action cues to play are inherited from the Deathmatch gametype.  There are a few extra gameplay elements in this gametype that are tied to the music cues. In Warfare two teams battle for control of the map. Each has their own base which are linked to each other through a series of nodes (capture/control points). For one to to reach the other's base they must capture one node after another in a connect-the-dots fashion. Each team is given an orb that can be used to protect a node or instantly capture it. It is important to note that none of the following music cues will play in a Warfare map that does not have orbs either by design (level designer did not include orbs) or configuration (player turned off orbs before starting the match).


In a similar fashion to CTF, events such as a player picking up a powerup will cause the Victory cue to play for that player. In Warfare we could consider the orb a powerup in the same sense because a player picking it up will trigger this cue to play. Victory will play in place of Ambient for the player until they are no longer in possession of the orb either by dropping it, dying, or using it to capture a node.


 In Warfare games, second to Action, the Tension cue will likely be the most played. Whenever a player picks up an orb everyone else on their team will hear the Tension cue play in place of Ambient. Tension will continue to play as long as the orb is in play (or interrupted by Action). "In play" means the orb is anywhere except in the receptacle it spawns in; either a teammate is carrying it or it has been dropped somewhere. Until the orb is destroyed or used to capture a node the Tension cue will play.


There is a special is an indicator on the HUD (heads up display) in Warfare matches that shows if either team is carrying an orb. By simply looking at that the player can see if someone on the other team is carrying an orb around. The status of each orb (though not the location) is public knowledge. While the HUD gives a visual indication, the music will provide an audio cue on the status of the orbs. Tension and Suspense cues are used almost as they were in CTF though the team assignment is reversed. The Suspense cue plays in place of Ambient when someone on the other team is carrying an orb. Just as in CTF the Tension cue will override the Suspense cue. This means if both teams have someone carrying an orb the player will hear the Tension cue. If no one on the player's team is carrying an orb the Suspense cue will play in place of Ambient when someone on the enemy team picks up their orb. It will continue to play (if not interrupted by anther cue) until they lose the orb. Unlike the Tension cue which will play for as long as the player's orb is in play, the Suspense cue will stop if the enemy orb is dropped.

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