Music Cues Explained: Unreal Tournament 3 - Part 2

1. Deathmatch / TDM
2. Capture the Flag / vCTF
3. Warfare
4. Cues Quick Reference
5. Stingers

Capture the Flag

There are two new music cues and a modification to one previously discussed in the CTF gametype. New new cues serve as audio indicators for events not caused by the player that may or may not have happened within their sight. With this in mind it's important to make these segments somewhat unique and identifiable. These rules apply to Vehicle Capture the Flag (vCTF) as well.


In addition to the rules this cue follows for Deathmatch there is one additional action that can be performed to cause the music to change to the Victory cue. In the case of CTF a player not engaged in any kind of combat, grabbing the other team's flag will cause the music for that player alone to change to Victory. This change does not occur for any other players, that will be discussed later. As before Action can override this segment and after the player is out of harm the music will change back to Victory as long as they are holding the flag. If the Victory cue is still playing when they capture the flag the music will then change to Ambient.


While the Victory cue is playing for the team's flag carrier the rest of the team will hear this cue instead of Ambient. Like always any injury caused between players will cause the Action cue to play but as long as a teammate is holding the enemy flag the Suspense cue will play in place of Ambient (unless one of those players happens to have a powerup, see Victory). There is one exception, right below.


So while the rest of the team was lounging around waiting for their flag carrier to get back to base someone from the other team grabbed their flag! Tension will play in place of Ambient any time the enemy grabs the player's flag. Tension overrides Suspense in the sense that if a teammate grabs the enemy flag Suspense will start to play in place of Ambient. If an enemy grabs the player's flag while their flag carrier is on the way back the Tension cue will play. Make no mistake, Tension will play in place of Ambient regardless if anyone on the player's team is carrying a flag. These changes don't occur to the flag carrier who will always in place of the Ambient cue, hear the Victory cue as long as they are holding a flag and not inflicting or receiving any damage. If the enemy flag carrier is killed the music will switch back to the appropriate cue.

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