Name: D. Nassick

Music In: One-Shot, Looping, Dynamic/Adaptive, Trailer, and Stings.

Sound Design In: Field Recording, Foley, Voice Acting/Directing, with Scriptwriting, Content Management, and Engine Integration.

Engine Experience: Unreal Engine 1 - 3, UDK

Plays: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys

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Voice Acting

Teaser, "Transformation" for Killing Floor 2 (2014).
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Music Examples

01: Fearsome Epic

String&Brass. Perc Drones. Pursuit Ensemble

02: Frantic Tension

Organic/electric action and tension builders.

Listen to more here.

Sound Design Demo Reel

In-use live demonstration of non-music audio made for and used in Killing Floor (2009).
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Experience Summary




Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 (tdb)
Tripwire Interactive

Deadly Pandora (2011)
(Borderlands) Music
Community Bonus Pack 3
(Unreal Tournament 3) Music
Community Bonus Pack 2 (2004)
(UT2004) Music
Community Bonus Pack 1 (2004)
(UT2004) Music
Killing Floor (2005-2008)
(UT2004) Music, Sound Design, Concept Art
Kranial CTF-Rell v2 (2008)
(UT2004) Music
Kranial DM-Splash2 (2007)
(UT2004) Level Design, Music
Seven Bullets (2005, 2007)
(Unreal Tournament) Music
CTF-Oraxin SE (2006)
(UT2004) Music
DM WalmPack (2006)
(Unreal Tournament) Music
Deja Vu (2005)
(Unreal Tournament) Level Design
U97 DM Pack (2005)
(Unreal Tournament) Level Design
DM-1on1-Finality (2003)
(UT2004) Music
Beyond Unreal Bonus Pack 1 (2002)
(Unreal Tournament) Music

Killing Floor Calamity

Killing Floor: Calamity (2013)
Tripwire Interactive
Sound, Music, Voice

Killing Floor

Killing Floor (2009)
Tripwire Interactive
Sound, Music, Voice,
Script, Concept Art
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Content Updates:
Heavy Metal
Level Up
Twisted Christmas
Summer Sideshow
Twisted Christmas 2
Summer Sideshow 2
Hillbilly Horrors
Twisted Christmas 3
Summer Sideshow 3
Hillbilly Horrors 2
(2009-2013) Sound, Music, Voice, Script

Robot Character DAR
(2012) Sound, Script

The Ball

The Ball (2010)
Teotl Studios
Voice Acting

Red Orchestra Original Soundtrack

Red Orchestra Original Soundtrack (2013)
Tripwire Interactive