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Name: D. Nassick

Music In: One-Shot, Looping, Dynamic/Adaptive, Trailer, and Stings.

Sound Design In: Field Recording, Foley, Voice Acting/Directing, with Scriptwriting, Content Management, and Engine Integration.

Engine Experience: Unreal Engine 1 - 3, UDK

Plays: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys

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Voice Acting

Teaser, "Transformation" for Killing Floor 2 (2014).
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Music Examples

Launch Sequence

80s sci-fi industrial epic hybrid


Modern thrash groove metal

Drifting Through The Bodies

Dark bluegrass banjo glitch


Evolving nightmare circus musicbox

What Dwells in Toyland?

Christmas infected industrial mashup

Listen to more here.

Sound Design Demo Reel

In-use live demonstration of non-music audio made for and used in Killing Floor (2009).
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Experience Summary


Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 (2015)
Tripwire Interactive
Music, Script, Sound, Voice

Killing Floor

Killing Floor (2009)
Tripwire Interactive
Concept Art, Music,
Script, Sound, Voice
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Content Updates 2009-2014
Script, Music, Sound,Voice
Heavy Metal
Level Up
Twisted Christmas
Summer Sideshow
Twisted Christmas 2
Summer Sideshow 2
Hillbilly Horrors
Twisted Christmas 3
Summer Sideshow 3
Hillbilly Horrors 2
End of the Line

Robot Character DAR
(2012) Sound, Script

Killing Floor Calamity

Killing Floor: Calamity (2013)
Tripwire Interactive
Sound, Music, Voice, Script, Concept Art

The Ball

The Ball (2010)
Teotl Studios
Voice Acting


Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack

Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack (2015)
Tripwire Interactive
Solid State Records

Killing Floor Original Soundtrack

Killing Floor Original Soundtrack (2013)
Tripwire Interactive
Music, Mastering

Red Orchestra Original Soundtrack

Red Orchestra Original Soundtrack (2013)
Tripwire Interactive



Deadly Pandora (2011)
(Borderlands) Music
Community Bonus Pack 3
(Unreal Tournament 3) Music
Community Bonus Pack 2 (2004)
(UT2004) Music
Community Bonus Pack 1 (2004)
(UT2004) Music
Killing Floor (2005-2008)
(UT2004) Music, Sound Design, Game Design, Concept Art
Kranial CTF-Rell v2 (2008)
(UT2004) Music
Kranial DM-Splash2 (2007)
(UT2004) Level Design, Music
Seven Bullets (2005, 2007)
(Unreal Tournament) Music
CTF-Oraxin SE (2006)
(UT2004) Music
DM WalmPack (2006)
(Unreal Tournament) Music
Deja Vu (2005)
(Unreal Tournament) Level Design
U97 DM Pack (2005)
(Unreal Tournament) Level Design
DM-1on1-Finality (2003)
(UT2004) Music
Beyond Unreal Bonus Pack 1 (2002)
(Unreal Tournament) Music